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Odd Pears

Food for foot

Many of us have experienced the pain of losing half a good pair of socks – be it eaten by a washing machine, abducted by a puppeteer, or simply lost through a hole in the trouser pocket of the universe. Thankfully, Odd Pears have taken the detective work out of laundry and put imagination back into the way we dress our feet. Served in packs of three, these delicious Pears come with two matching socks and an ‘odd one out’, which is exactly what they invite you to be. If being the creme-de-la-creme of cute wasn’t enough, you’ll also gain instant humanitarian status with their One Pear One Dollar initiative. For each Pear sold, one dollar is donated to UNICEF, Red Cross, World Wildlife Fund or a charity of your choosing. That’s a big tick for your conscience when you’re ‘treating yourself’ for the fifth time that week.

The team are not only super conscious of their ethical practices – they’re kind of an odd pair themselves. CEO, founder and spiritual guide Brock Sykes, and creative director/designer/social-media megaphone/personality extraordinaire Carla McRae, are not interested in being ‘just another sock company’. You’ll find their online store is just as cheeky and as infectiously fun as their designs, as each Pear has its own endearing backstory that will make you chuckle. These generous souls have also offered our readers the special discount code DOTW15, which saves you 15% at the checkout. So sock up and step inside this Japanese-inspired, geometric-clad wonderland of cotton and you could have three of the luckiest feet around.