If the shoe fits

FEIT don’t ask you what you want; they know what’s good for you even if you don’t. Born in response to fast fashion and the shoe waste epidemic, Tull Price witnessed for himself the rougher part of his own industry in the shortcomings of mass production and automation. FEIT shoes are made by hand and their recent collabs with Faye Toogood and Skidmore represent a refreshed drive towards an incredibly high-end iteration of product integrity.

The design of FEIT shoes are construction-led, rather than the other way around. FEIT made their cornerstone lasts – which is a shoemaker’s mould for shaping and fixing footwear – with master last-maker Verdichio Padrone in Tuscany. Built in limited numbers with one-piece uppers that are hand-stitched at the heel by human beings (not machines) – the vegetable-tanned and naturally-treated leather shoes break and mould perfectly to the foot and age beautifully over time. Unlike synthetic material which almost always contribute to landfill, FEIT shoes are biodegradable and their use of fewer machines means they’re drastically reducing their footprint. In an industry where human labor and natural materials are becoming the most expensive part of shoe production, this luxe and ethical approach to shoes feels well worth the investment.