Slowdown Studio

Ecstasy when you're layin' down next to me

If you don’t want to spend your downtime wrapped in one of these with some grapes and a good book, we don’t even know what to say to you. You can show yourself out. Slowdown Studio makes blankets so beautiful that the only thing stopping you from hanging them as tapestries is the fact that they’re so, so soft. They’ve just announced their seventh collection and their artist of choice? Chaz Bundick at Company Studio, who you may recognise in the music world as Toro Y Moi (*swoon x infinity*). Moving into the future, Slowdown will be releasing a new run of blankets each and every month, and word on the street is they’re also looking at expanding to ceramics, accessories and stationery.

Don’t let their industriousness fool you though: the production process is as careful, loving and slow as a goddamn Barry White song. Founded by Sydney-based fashion designer Claire Tregoning and LA-based graphic designer Marc Hendrick, Slowdown Studio collabs with a range of artists in a way that feels like it’s actually just celebrating artistry itself. The label sticks to short production runs of only 25 blankets made from 100% cotton, grown, spun and woven in North Carolina maintaining a close consultation with the artist/designer throughout the weaving process. Their online store features people doing exactly what you’re going to do when your blankie arrives in the mail, and speaking of delivery – all blankets come in cute lil’ drawstring canvas storage bags so you can keep them safe, but never ever secret.