UnWaste Bookcase

Case the joint

For us, the best part of every childhood sleuth caper was the bit that involved the procurement of gadgets disguised as innocuous bric-a-brac. Rocket shoe? Satchel jetpack? Camera subtly hidden in a decorative cat brooch? We’re suckers for a gimmicky trick or two, and the UnWaste Bookcase taps right into our secret spy-nerd sensibilities. Installed in a split-level, open-plan warehouse in central Melbourne, this seemingly simple shelving allows for unexpected light, air flow and – lets face it – people jumping out and saying boo, all with a gentle push.

Fashioned from reclaimed plywood and designed as a collaboration between architect Ben Milbourne, eco-designer Leyla Acaroglu and furniture craftsman David Waterworth, the bookcase is a natty example of a responsibly produced space-divider in an ever more cramped world.  Created entirely from construction site hoardings – complete with obligatory graffiti, posters and general weatheredness – and sealed with natural beeswax, the shelf is a triumph for eco-friendly, frustrated-spy bookworms everywhere.