Ice Cream Concept Parlour

Nice ice baby

The convenience buying of pre-cut carrots over their fresher, tastier, orangey-er counterparts was the impetus for Central St Martin’s MA student Ploenpit Nittaramorn’s Ice Cream Concept Parlour. With an ease-culture moving society ever farther away from the food-making process, Nittaramorn conjured up a set of tools to make ice cream production simple and accessible. Containing a marble cold plate and assorted

wood-and-glass utensils needed to whip up an icy delight, the Concept Parlour is designed to “educate people through their food experience… encouraging them to appreciate the process of making.” Accompanied by a video and demonstrated at an exhibition where she created everything from standard chocolate ice cream to Singha beer sorbet (spot a sponsorship, anyone?), the set can make dessert chefs of us all.