Hyperlocal Market

Hi-diddly-ho, neighbourino!

If you live in London, you’re lucky. Kayleigh Thompson has designed a clever platform that uses technology to empower food producers to out-grow the middle-man and sell from their very own abodes. Her Hyperlocal Market calls upon urban green thumbs, kitchen whizzes and local food retailers to sell their edibles through an organic one-on-one connection with buyers. Anyone in London will be able to see goods and produce close to them on a map, and contact the grower/maker/baker directly.

We’ve raved on about how goin’ local is the way to go before – it’s just good juju. Hyperlocal Market is also a carbon footprint in the right direction; and in densely populated places like London – where secret masterchef neighbours might be within cat-swinging distance – it’s a particularly tasty idea.