Green Up Rooftops

Up in the air

The latest gift to mother nature from Italian industrial designers Avatar Architecturra, Green Up Rooftops is a nifty way to make a lush oasis of even the most industrial roof areas. Designed to offer maximum flexibility for the space-poor cityscape, these versatile wooden units allow for almost infinite possibilities. Fancy some grass, shrubs and trees? Check. Got a yearning for some decking? Check. Keen for a new way of generating energy (via photovoltaic panels) or lighting? Double check.

As well as being a jack-of-all-trades, the Green Up system is clever enough to come complete with its own drainage and irrigation.  Billed as “an effective way to reduce the energy demand of buildings, [and] improve air quality and biodiversity in urban contexts,”, Green Up Rooftops have been rolled out in the skies in Beirut and beyond. The view from the top just got better.