Self-assembly sanity

For those of us who don’t spend our weekends hunting for the perfect pre-war tallboy or the chicest chaise longue, self-assembly furniture is a necessary yet soul-destroying/relationship-wrecking/sanity-snatching evil. In order to keep our clothes and papers from accumulating in floor-bound piles, we wrestle for hours with unyielding joints, illogical instructions and bits of wood that just don’t want to join together.  Into this madness steps SmartDeco, however – a North American company that wants to liberate us from our reliance on expensive self-builds, via their nifty fiberboard self-assembly range.

Accompanied by step-by-step assembly videos on the SmartDeco site, these clever pieces are specially engineered to fold together in minutes, and include drawers, dressers, desks and nightstands. Utilising ‘enviroboard’ – a high-quality, corrugated fiberboard – the range is 100% recyclable and made in the USA.  With future plans to provide recyclable rapid-assembly furniture to displaced people worldwide, SmartDeco furniture makes us smile inside. And that’s what we call a self-assembly miracle.