Morris Kitchen

Sweet surrender

There are some things we need – food, shelter, good times with good people – and some things we want. Whilst artisanal syrup may well fall into the latter category, we’re still hankering for a bottle or three to brighten up our kitchen shelf. Brooklyn’s Morris Kitchen began peddling syrupy goodness back in 2009, launching with a kicky little ginger number that celebrated the qualities of that seductively spicy all-rounder. Next up was a boiled apple cider syrup packed with apple-y goodness from an upstate New York orchard, before the sticky trinity was completed with a preserved lemon syrup boasting hints of cardamom and pink peppercorn.

Beautiful on the inside and the outside, these aesthetically-delicious concoctions are served up in old-fashioned bottles with letter-pressed labels, hand-stamped with the date of bottling. Founded by siblings with arts/food/sustainability credentials positively bursting out of their CVs, the sweet nectars emanating from the Morris Kitchen add magic to everything from spritzers to salmon.  “The goal of Morris Kitchen is to provide quality products that are made with genuine care, by hand,” they say. We’ll happily raise a Pimms and Ginger to that.