Zero Petrol

Leafing gas Vegas

If you’ve ever wanted your very own Pacman machine, Slurpy dispenser, London phonebox or pie warmer (and seriously people, why wouldn’t you), you’ve got five days to make that dream a sweet reality. To herald the Australian arrival of the Leaf – Nissan’s zero petrol, 100% electric car – The Glue Society’s James Dive has given forty petrol pumps the makeover of their lives. Until 18 June, visitors to the Zero Petrol website can vote for their favourite upcycled masterpiece from treats as weird and

wonderful as a birdcage, an electric keyboard, a harp and a kennel, with the winner getting their pick of the eclectic bunch. Oh and the car? As well as being admirably petrol free, it features mostly recycled parts and seats that incorporate recycled plastic bottles. But LET’S GET BACK TO THE GOOD STUFF SHALL WE – because one of the creations is a freaky-deaky Zoltar machine! Be still, our Hanks-loving, Big-watching childhood hearts.