Stool drool

We all have that one friend who painstakingly collects magazines or it might even be you with your monthly subscription (that we won’t mention the title of) – an obsessive habit usually started at an early age. This species is commonly categorised as ‘The Hoarder’, not exactly rare but wonderfully stubborn and unwilling to let go. Well, the team at njustudio have designed Hockenheimer for the paper hoarder, turning one’s oddity into practicality.

Your magazine or newspaper collection has been stacked, strapped and buckled with soft cushioning for your enjoyment. The stool is handmade from birch-wood, then sent to a local in Coburg to wax the wood and make it easy on the eye, the pillows are also handmade, and even the leather straps that holds your collection together has been thoughtfully produced. Just flick NJU an email so you can proudly collect, cease the paper shuffle and let your eco-backside have a break.