Log Bowls

You know you wood

How often do you use a bowl? ‘Quite a lot’ is most likely your answer. In fact, they’re used so often, they mostly go unnoticed, but now there is a reason to care. Every time you use a log bowl, you enjoy a feel-good moment, over and over again. How? You’re not wasting resources – you’re eating out of reclaimed trees, and you’re loving the gloss finish that keeps your Bear Grylls crockery stylish.

Doha Chebib is the brain behind these birch-inspired bowls, which is just one of many cool designs from the Canadian-based Loyal Loot Collective that also includes Carmen Douville, Dara Humniski and Anna Thomas. Each bowl is handmade and available in a collection of gorgeous colours, so don’t be a sap, branch out and turn over a new leaf.

Log Bowl