Silvan Audio Turntable

Spin city

There’s no doubt about it, records have made a comeback and it’s not just because of their luxurious sound quality – there’s something about just putting a record on that makes it so enjoyable. Stepping up that tangible factor to a whole new level is Silvan Audio Workshop – a father and son duo from Seattle who craft beautiful hardwood turntables by hand. Perfect for any audiophile, each turntable base is cut from American walnut wood, so every piece is a little bit different and brimming with character.

As for the technical parts, they’re from legendary English audio wizards Rega, so the Silvan Audio Turntable is winning every which way you look at it. Currently the father and son duo – better-known as Kent and Gary Walter – are running a Kickstarter campaign to fit out two workshops and go from small hobby to a legit operation. There’s only 6 days left to get involved, so skip to it.