Can you fix it? Yes you can!

Now this is handy. Samuel Davies has come up with a design solution that could keep our appliances from hitting the bin in a fit of housekeeping rage. This iron is the first release in the Repairware range of appliances that can be fixed in a jiffy. It’s all in the name of cleaning up our act when it comes to appliances going on the fritz and ending up as hazardous waste in landfill. According to Davies, all you need to keep this iron steaming along is some common, mechanical sense. Looks neat too.

Nostalgic shades of cream and chrome, pay homage to the ancestral forbears that inspired the design. Share this with your grandparents – they’d be prouder than punch to see everything is changing back to the way it should be. Using cork to keep high-use areas protected is a bit of design magic that guarantees the appliances never look old either. With most machines lasting just a little bit beyond the three-month warranty, these are housework helpers you can really commit to.