Pelle Soap Stones

You better soap up

Here at .W we’re big fans of soap and of hygiene in general, and we really hope you are too. That’s why we’re so excited to come across some new soapsmiths who make us want to get dirty just so we can get clean again. PELLE make and cut their Soap Stones by hand in their Brooklyn studio. Using nothing but all-natural, vegetable-based ingredients, PELLE stones are jampacked with essential oils like eucalyptus and camphor.

The fine people behind these pristine gems is designer couple, Jean and Oliver Pelle. Their designs are so easy on the eye you kind of want them to be edible, but it’s probably not a good idea to start snacking on suds. Boasting seven colour/scent combos, like cedarwood, grapefruit and lemon basil, the complete collection is seriously delicious. What’s really refreshing about PELLE is they also sell seconds that didn’t make the first cut, so there’s no waste – earning themselves a five-star hygiene rating from us.