Prospector Co.

Come clean

Prospector Co. first caught our eye when they released their Burroughs Beard Oil. Beard wha? Yup. The idea of having a moisturiser to beautify those bristles sounded wonderfully cosset to us. Like so many beards, they’ve grown quite quickly since then and we’re so glad they have. Their products are free from harmful additives, artificial fragrances and colourings, using only natural ingredients – gaining a big, luscious tick from us.

With a devotion to quality, each Prospector product is individually made by hand in the U.S. of A. and they’re big believers in low-volume batches to avoid waste. But don’t let our beardy fetish throw you off, they cater for the ladies too. Prospector’s expertise lies in nourishing anyone’s skin and if yours is already baby-soft – we suggest nabbing a candle to make your home smell like a woodchopper. Mmm, masculinity.