Wheel of Nutrition

... And I'm wheeling good!

The pie chart is an extreme makeover for anything a little dull; illustrating whatever needs to be said, in a pleasant form, whilst reminding us how delicious pies are. We’re all guilty of unhealthy choices and overeating (too much pie perhaps?) – well now there is no excuse. Enlightening us is the Wheel of Nutrition – a ceramic mother to make sure we’re eating right.

Letting us plate-up without the stuff-up is designer Rui Pereira and developed with Hafsteinn Juliusson. The Wheel of Nutrition is a fun and easy guide to what we should be eating. We all have different portion patterns and the wheel caters to our type: The Diet, Extra Ordinary and Super Size. Flip your plate over and you are provided with a key to what the colours mean. The wheel will wheel into HAF this winter – initiate countdown.