Chicken Co-op

Coop sweet coop

Chickens; they’re a cross-between the Pig Garbage Disposal that sits under the kitchen sink at the Flintstone house, and the dodo bird that provides luscious eggs for Wilma to fry-up. There is no doubt that keeping chicks has its advantages, but you really do need a smart and stylish coop. Enter Chicken Co-op, who have achieved form and function to design this luxury residence for your eco-friendly birdies.

We love this design for taking something traditionally ugly and making it appealing, a difficult task in itself, whilst encouraging to eat local. Being able to bring the farm to your patio is what will make Co-op popular; stealing a little slice of Bedrock to calm your urban madness and if you decide to move house, you can easily take the Co-op with you – yabba-dabba-do!