Spoon Carving Kit

Dig it

Melanie Abrantes designs really functional goods for your home, and she makes them all by hand. But the reason we wanted to feature this crafty lady on .W isn’t her wonderful wares per se but specifically, her spoon carving kit. You read right. Abrantes has bundled up a bunch of sweet Japanese tools, your favourite hardwood and handwritten instructions, so you can build your very own spoon. She’s even thought ahead and included a band aid, in case you didn’t check yourself and ended up wrecking yourself.

By passing on her process and encouraging others to learn how to make their own spoons, Abrantes is educating and empowering all in one go. Plus, who doesn’t want to know more about the art of spooning? Hopefully this piece of cutlery is just the first of many DIY items Abrantes plans to pull together to upskill others.