Mitz Takahashi

Trash to treasure

For furniture craftsman Mitz Takahashi, working withrecycled wood and materials is something of a trademark. Osaka-born and Montreal-based, Takahashi’s signature style – turning the old and worn into new and modern – has led to the creation of a plethora of simple pieces for every room in the home.

As well as turning offcuts into must-haves in a most eco-friendly fashion, Takahashi’s pieces have an elegant, pared-down style all of their own. When he’s not working to commission (or trawling through neighbourhood dumpsters sifting the gold from the gross), Takahashi is busy dreaming up beautiful, functional pieces like his Never ending bookends. If that all sounds a bit serious, take a look at his surreal ‘Medieval asshole’ series of coasters. Not just a place to stand your drink.