Show me the Milkmuny

We rarely think too hard about what happens after we pop something in the recycling bin. In the US, more than 510,000 tons of Tetrapak milk and juice cartons are generated every year, but – because of the wax lining on the carton – less than .05% ever get recycled. That’s an issue that Milkmuny is attempting to tackle, as it takes empty cartons and turning them into origami-esque wallets.

“There is considerable talk these days about green design, but the vast majority of design, both graphic and industrial, is still about promoting consumption,” says Milkmuny’s founder, John Schreiber. “So we’re trying a new kind of design model and a new way to think about mass production – one that doesn’t expend more energy to create, or require more resources to produce, but is still aesthetically pleasing and uncompromisingly functional.”