Land of the Giants

Pylons, let your love out

So electricity pylons and wind turbines aren’t super easy on the eye. Ask any Scottish B&B owner – they’ll sit you down with strong black tea and an intimidating serving of shortbread, and tell you all about it until you visibly age (sorry Agnes! Say hello to your alpacas for me!). They have a point, though. Dialogues surrounding the negative visual impact of these menacing structures have been happening for years, between architectural and industrial designers and country-dwelling Europeans alike. What do you do with construction that, as a matter of function, must interrupt some of the most exquisite landscapes in the world?

Cue The Land of the Giants. These unconventional 150ft tall BFGs feel not so much like pylon alternatives as sculptural inclusions to the landscape – feeding its identity instead of interfering with it. Perching on cliffs, standing in fields and maneuvering amongst mountains, their postures respond to the needs of the environment. US architecture practice Choi + Shine proposes to make minor alterations to existing steel-framed tower designs to build these structures, which are composed of a kit of modular and predominantly recyclable parts. Choi + Shine’s designs have won many awards in the field of unbuilt design, and it’s anticipated that these giants will come to life in Iceland in 2017.

Choi giants plylons