Do you?

We like rocking chairs. We love self-sufficiency. And we’re rather partial to both music and that thing called the interweb. Swiss product designers Micasa Lab have combined all those wondrous things into one slightly questionable product – a hand-crafted, shinily-painted rocking chair that acts as an iPad dock and a sound station as you rock restfully back and forth. Neatly combining the old fashioned, porch-sitting vibe of a rocking chair with our ubiquitous, new-fangled gadgetry, the iRock puts you firmly in

charge of your own battery-life. The questionable part comes from some confusion on whether this is a weirdly elaborate hoax – does that belt look like it would actually work? Is this simply a cynical comment on the iEverything trend? Whatever, we think the idea’s kinda cool. Whilst an hour of rocking for 35% of power seemed a tall order at first, it sure beats sitting on the sofa cursing a blank screen because the cable is just too far away. That happened to a friend of ours, ok?