Field Candy

Carry on camping

We all know the feeling. You’re staggering back to your festival tent after one too many shandies when you suddenly realize there’s not much to distinguish your temporary home from a sea of similar abodes. Whilst snuggling up to a stranger might well be your bag (in which case move on – this article’s not for you), the rest of us can now rely on design-led tent company Field Candy to save our blushes. Responsibly produced, manufactured and distributed in the UK, Field Candy supports charities including The Prince’s Trust, Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience, Tropical Health & Education Trust and Greenpeace.

Eschewing the plain old tents of yesteryear, Field Candy encourage commissions from artists, designers and photographers, eventually chosen for ‘their dedication to their respective art forms and unique points of view’. Past design alumni include names as heavyweight as Bowie artwork designer Terry Pastor, digital print Wunderkinds Basso and Brooke and Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2010 Bence Mate. Designed to contrast beautifully with the old grand dame of design, Mother Nature herself, these dazzling creations bring more than a touch of glamour to the usual roughing-it experience. We’re rather partial to the patchwork number ourselves.