Cole + Parker

Knock ya socks off

Is there anything better than a new pair of socks? So basic and underappreciated, these friends for our feet keep us warm and comfy all year round. And if you haven’t noticed, somewhere, winter is coming, so they’re in even higher demand. If that wasn’t enough, our beloved socks can start businesses, too. You whaaat? That’s right. Meet Cole and Parker – they donate 20% of proceeds from each pair of their bold, luxurious socks to support entrepreneurs in poverty.

Devised by Diana Charabin and Jeff House, they follow a ‘one-for-many’ business model – partnering with Kiva, a non-profit to empower people around the world. The company’s named after two great jazz musicians and we’d like to think Cole and Parker’s ever so charming designs were inspired by the music. Why socks? They’re the people’s light slipper. Also, what happens when the socks are worn and warmless? Hello hand puppets.