A new lease on life

You know what makes us feel good? Collaborative consumption. It’s not an entirely selfless good deed (yep, we realise there aren’t any) but it does generate some serious warm fuzzies. Finally we can feel less guilty about all the crap we hoard in our homes – and Spinlister is just one great initiative empowering us. It’s Airbnb for bikes. Do you own a two-wheeler you don’t use all the time? Well, now you can rent out your unused

wheels to verified social media souls on Spinlister. What makes it that much sweeter is you get all the extras of a real bike owner; locks, light, bell and basket. The beauty of the site is you could be traveling to a big city for a holiday and strike a sweet deal with this cute number. We’d ride her everyday; definitely the only scenario where being the town bicycle is a good thing.