Loosen the purse strings

Encouraging us to become crazy bag ladies sooner rather than later is Falconwright – an absolutely lovely line of screen-printed leather goods handmade in small batches. Falconwright is the fruits of two friends – screen printer and illustrator Sandi Falconer, and sewer and maker Danielle Wright. Neat huh? Teaming up with your best bud to create sustainable products – what’s a more warmhearted business idea than that?

It’s at this stage we feel we should mention another killer blow to your credit card – the fact that the Wright side of the business also makes some killer brass jewels. But anyway, back to the seriously charming clutches and pouches – particularly this little guy. The ladies’ attention to detail is second-to-none, and we love that they only sell products they’re proud of. We can’t wait for their next collection and we’re kind of hoping they start screen-printing their illustrations on an overnighter or two. Any excuse to buy another.