Bird is the word

Whether it’s leftover food, worn clothes or broken parts – we’ve become pros at wastage. But imagine if we gave all of our unwanted stuff a new life? Embodying this ethos is talented product designer Lars Beller Fjetland, who makes beautiful wares for your home and beyond. To ensure he doesn’t waste a scrap of timber in the process, Fjetland started Re-turned – a line of baby birds lovingly crafted from crumbs.

While they’re all insanely cute, we think the owl is just adorbz. Fjetland is doing his part to give scrap material a brand-new life, and that’s what’s most inspiring to us – a move that should be part of every maker’s make-up. Now we can only hope that each and every Re-turned birdy will leave a good impression on its new owner to waste not, want not.