The Floyd Leg

Limber up

Legs. They’re beautiful things. Short, long, wide, skinny or strong, legs get you places and we’ve come across some we think you’ll really like. Meet The Floyd Leg. Like pins, Floyd can hold onto pretty much anything thanks to its simple clamping mechanism. Encouraging people to salvage materials and curate a table to their taste is an offering that’s pretty damn hard to resist. Just think of all the things you could turn into a table! Doors, windows, or just random bits of wood that are easy on the eye.

Designed and made in Detroit, Floyd was born from the desire to make moving house a little easier, as tables can be a biatch to juggle about. The studio behind these beloved legs strive to create products that fuse design and manufacturing by working hand-in-hand with local factories to create long-lasting, functional products. They’ve also just brought out a nifty shelf option – thanks guys – which looks like the perfect friend for our Floyd Leg.