Rockabye baby

Visiting the home of a friend – mother to a gorgeous little terror approaching three far too fast – I was surprised to see a living room barren of playthings. “It’s hard for me to have her toys out,” she said – ever the discerning aesthete, always charmingly piquant. “I’m getting better at just letting it go… but they’re so ugly.” Then, she opened a storage ottoman to reveal an overflow of jarringly bright flotsam.

I’ll be sure to point her in the direction of Epona, a toy from Warehouse that she’d never have to hide. Fashioned from recycled copper cable, rabbit fur and hand-finished maple wood by those ceaselessly chic crafters at Warehouse, Epona is sleek, functional and fun – a winning combo, for sure. The design will show at IDS 2016, in the Studio North Prototype section. Following that, I can only hope it’ll become available online – for my friend’s sake.