Baby Table

Goodbye gaudy

When you take the giant leap into the unknown and decided to propagate the human race, you can end up feeling what you’ve actually done is open up a previously tasteful home to all kinds of brightly coloured plastic junk. Providing a welcome respite from the polymer-based madness is Japanese homeware designer Oji Masanori, and baby-centric creations that combine long-lasting function with tasteful aesthetics (primary-coloured-plastic peddlers, take note).

Originally trained in architecture, Masanori’s work is a lesson in simplicity. His Baby Table is hand-fashioned from Japanese beech, and provides a practical place to pop your poppet while being easy on the eye to boot. Designed to hold infants at both meal and play times, the table converts to a desk once your mini-me becomes more mobile. The seat area can then be used to hold books and toys, before the entire piece becomes a traditional Japanese table for the adults. All that and there’s not a primary colour in sight. Baby, we’re sold.