The 30x30x3 Project

The art of being crafty

Here at .W, we’re suckers for a challenge. That’s why we love the thinking behind 30x30x3 – a design blog born of a challenge to create 30 design tutorials in 30 weeks, all centered on the 3 principles of reduce, reuse and redecorate. Having graduated from architecture school into the most unwelcoming of job markets, 26-year-old Allison turned to designing and selling her own homeware line to make ends meet.

Quickly becoming hooked on using unconventional household materials in her creations, the 30x30x3 challenge was Allison’s way of spreading the 3 Rs word. Creating unique designs from drawer-lurkers as ubiquitous as drinking straws, crayons and plastic bags, the simple tutorials show how to make anything from book-page card holders to cocktail umbrella lampshades.  The challenge was such a success that Allison continues to create and collate tutorials for crafty-minded folk, and sells her lighting wares through everyone’s favourite homemade wonderland, Etsy. Colour us inspired.