A Happiness Project

The power of a push

Do you swing? Drag your minds from the gutter and call to mind those innocent swings of childhood – simple pleasures that never failed to make us happy. Endeavouring to prove the inner child is still alive and kicking are Jeff Waldman and Drew Hartley – two men who started a multi-city experiment to hang swings anywhere they please, as part of an on-going happiness project. Reacting to a perceived loss of innocence the world over, the pair realised the difference a smile can make via the simple swish of a swing.

Originating in San Francisco, the project recently filmed a stint installing swings in Bolivia – a country where poverty levels are high and young people constitute almost half the population. Financed through funding platform Kickstarter, the visit aimed to instil a desire to create joy in both Bolivians and tourists alike. Once the documentary is a wrap, the team plans to head to Australia and continue the quest to raise smile quotas – one enthusiastic push at a time.