Hudson Made


We don’t want to be the hygiene police, but soap is undervalued in today’s society – aside from keeping us clean and smelling lovely, it provides our biggest organ much-needed TLC. A cut above is goat’s milk soap, containing no nasties and rich in nutrients, yet Hudson Made have raised the bar even higher. Fresh on the clean scene, these soapsmiths have started with a bang – their Fancy Black Soap is made up of mineral-rich volcanic clay and milk from local, pasture-raised Nubian goats. These organic ingredients are high in butterfat and protein, and are made for delicate and dry skin.

If your skin isn’t already screaming for a scrub, also know they’re hand poured, cut and slowly cured to perfection in the Catskill Mountains. Not only good enough to eat and cute enough to name Billy, Hudson believe in small batches – thus limited quantities! In the past few days, they’ve unveiled their beautiful, locally-crafted Black Walnut Kitchen Board range – these babies are produced a mere 60 miles from Hudson Made HQ. With a citrus-scented summer soap and more products in their sights, we’re keeping our eyes on Hudson Made to see what we can treat ourselves to next.