On ya bike

We’ve written about beautiful bikes before and we’re well aware of the health and environmental benefits that come with a good cycle. Every now and again, another blog will inspire us through their own impassioned initiative, and this time it’s CycleLove – celebrating the best of bike culture. Including art, design, photography, style and heritage, and with the belief that the bike enables big things, we were instantly intrigued.

CycleLove is graphic designer, photographer and Londoner, James Greig. Dedication doesn’t do Greig justice; when he launched his blog’s shop, he rode over 100 miles (160 km) to deliver his first CycleLove tee. He is sure to point out that CycleLove is about and for the inbetweener – not the diehard cyclist or the safety brigade, but the human going from A to B. Simple, and dare we say it – like riding a bike.