Azure Furniture Co.

Killin' it

The Azure Furniture Co. is anything but your average operation. This Colorado outfit handcraft beautiful furniture from dead trees, which are normally unused due to a cute but deadly sucker known as the Mountain Pine Beetle. These insects carry a fungus, borrow in the trees and reproduce – killing the nutrients and eventually the tree. But Azure collaborate with local sawmills to efficiently transform the wood and slowly (but surely), perceptions of putting this damaged pine to good use.

Their collection covers tables, stools and cabinets as well as bike shelfs and bread boards, and what’s most wonderful is the blue-grey colour the beetle leaves behind – giving every piece character and leaving us with so many homey feels. The team at Azure are leading the way in recycled beetle kill pine and they’ve made a business out of unwanted timber, which is something that definitely strikes a chord with us here at .W.