The Fog

String theory

What’s that you say? You wish there were some neat way to illustrate the relentless cycle of Mother Nature in all her stark beauty, across a site of approximately 46,000 square feet (you know, give or take?). Well, if you’re in the US and you can get yourself to Georgia you’re in luck, as The Fog – a stark installation from art collaborators The Experience Collective – does just that. Weaving an impressive 16 miles of reclaimed cotton fabric and string between a wood’s worth of trees, The Fog is a tangled, hushed, almost ridiculously atmospheric assault on the senses.

Situated at the historic Savannah Ogeechee Canal, the project is is the brainchild of students and friends Emily Brodowski and Toni Dammicci – the latter of whom literally dreamt up The Fog whilst asleep. Deliberately left unfinished and continuing indefinitely, the intention is for nature to take control of The Fog’s development. With visitors reporting a sense of wonder difficult to put into words, it’s a project that speaks for itself.