Help Japan

In case of emergency, purchase poster

If earthquakes, tsunamis and nuclear reactor explosions aren’t enough, a volcano eruption has just been added to Japan’s worst-week-ever. To raise funds for the victims, James White has designed this potent reminder of how much nicer it is to be woken by an alarm, over a siren. On top of working as a graphic designer for Raised in Halifax, James deftly pared down this enormous crisis to a symbol of national anguish.

Unfortunately, a minute of silence is all it took for the Signalnoise Store to sell every last print. The good news is, profits will be spent helping survivors get back on their feet and for the lucky ducks who got in early, each copy is hand-signed by the artist. If you’re waiting for yours to arrive, track down Sakyo Kamatso’s novel ‘Japan Sinks’ (1973) to imagine just how disastrous, this disaster could get.