Bags of appeal

Time was, eco-friendly often meant kinda ugly. For every plain-dyed-hemp-whatsit you bravely toted, you consoled yourself with the knowledge that heck, you were saving the world. So what if you looked like a particularly hard-up shepherd from Biblical times? That there ozone won’t fix itself, people! These days, however, papa’s got a brand new, ethically-produced shoulder bag. With environmental responsibility rightly migrated from mud-gathering to mainstream, eco-friendly is now a chic as an LBD-clad Anna Wintour air-kissing a Chanel 2.55.

Conscientious consumers now expect good design to sit firmly alongside responsible production – and accessories company Elf is one such purveyor of finery. Producing hand-crafted bags, purses and shoes from their base in Bali, Elf uses recycled materials throughout the printing and packaging process. Eschewing large machinery in favour of the individual approach, Elf prides itself on personalising products to create the decidedly un-production-line item of your dreams. Minimalist and terribly, awfully chic, Elf have that je nes c’est quoi. Plus they’re called Elf. It’s Christmas. Festive much?