Just add sun

Is there anything more impressive and exciting than someone finding a simple answer to a complicated problem? Petra Wadström is that someone. CEO and Founder of Solvatten, a solar-powered water treatment and heating device, Petra got the idea while living down under when she realised the Australian sun could be harnessed for so much more than just tanning. Now in full swing, her invention for clean drinking water makes your Brita filter look like a real underachiever. 

Already in use by 260,000 people across 20 countries primarily in rural parts of East Africa, Solvatten couldn’t be easier to use. It’s a BPA-free plastic container you fill with water and lay in the sun, awaiting a green smiley face to tell you your water is now filtered, pasteurised and UV-disinfected. Solvatten makes water safe AND hot – up to 75°C, which is the perfect temp for cooking, keeping your home hygienic, and drinking a long black (or maybe some greater priority). We’re tempted to use the ‘m’ word, and you know what? We will! Because this invention is a total miracle.

Want to get involved? We’re so glad you asked. With Solvatten, you can support a family and ensure they have clean and hot water for 7 years.